Monday, August 29, 2011

...Meanwhile in the front yard...

Perhaps mocking Mother Nature isn't so smart after all....


Andy said...


Sully, I'm glad to know that the only casualty of Irene at your place was a massive tree.

Chain saws can fix that.

Seriously, I was worried about you, and a bunch of other blog buds on the East Coast. Everybody's trying to make out like it was "over-hype." I say not. That damn thing coulda killed you if it fell different.

Glad you're okay, my friend. Really, really, grateful.

Sully said...

Thanks Andy.... All and all, the storm wasn't so bad. I went out to shop for food and came home to this. I think it must have been a micro-burst in the storm. Honestly, I had to knock the lawn chair over myself for the picture.... I was pretty much shocked to see that tree down and the top of the one across the street ripped off.

Andy said...

Sully, I'm a Louisiana boy. I've seen people get killed by falling trees...rapidly rising water...and sheer ignorance.

I'm sure you were surprised to see the tree down. Storms are sneaky like that.

I lived through the most powerful tornado to ever hit the US in overnight hours (up to that time) in Bossier City, LA on Dec. 3, 1978). I shall NEVER forget the images that are SEARED in my brain of the devastation left behind.

I guess that...and knowing how even weak hurricanes spawn unexpected tornadoes...makes me "jumpy."

Again...very glad y'all are safe and sound. Seriously.