Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Insulting Every Country on Earth #142

All hail the land of mail-order brides, horse-sexing emperesses, pickled leaders, bearded women, boiled beets and everything--and I mean everything--tasting like potatoes.

The first synonym in the dictionary for "misery" is "Russia".

I've always assumed that people driving sports cars and people whose countries span twelve time zones are making up for some...inadequacies...down below.
Hat Tip Russia Hating Matt

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MJenks said...

Did I say "dictionary"? Crap. I meant thesaurus.

MJenks said...

Also, I should point out that the other night I was having nightmares about Russian missiles coming toward me. Coupled with the fact that I was trapped under a dome and that I had to try and get out somehow, I harbor some fresh ill-will toward the Russians.

I think I've been listening to too many memoirs about growing up in the 50s and it's playing on my subconscious.