Thursday, November 11, 2010

Happy Veterans Day!!!

My uncle John served in North Africa and with General Pattons third army.
He was a mustang, and he donated his free time to the VA hospital.
This guy walked around the hospital wearing hospital johnies and changing bedpans for the wounded servicemen.
He said that on his first command, he banned alcohol. The next day, his tent was burried under a mountain of beer cans.... He said, "Well, they showed me..."
John was fearless and loved.
...and he is missed

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Andy said...

Heh! Uncle John sounds like a helluvaguy! I knew a guy named Harold Rogers who was a young kid with Patton in N. Africa, in Europe.

After he died, I found out that he had 3 Purple Hearts, and had two tanks shot out from under him. Never said a word about it, though. Those were some tough rascals..."fearless" is a good term for 'em, Sully.

Thank you.