Wednesday, November 17, 2010

And the plot thickens...

What a strange day... This nutjob called me and left a message that she was going to sue me for fraud and spend as much money as it takes... yadda, yadda... The only problem is that she hasn't a leg to stand on.

While I'm awaiting her lawsuit, get a load of the second letter.


Andy said...

Sully, this is just WAY COOL! Seriously.

I remember the initial letter, and short-shrift from the bitch. But, who woulda' figgered it would go nationwide? Certainly not me.

Dude, you might be a TV star. Who would have figured that some retarded, stingy witch might get you an all expenses paid trip to California? Certainly not me.

Puh-leeze go for it. My life is so boring that I need someone to live vicariously through. But, don't let my humble (desperate) plea influence your decision.

Sully said...

I'd never give her the satisfaction of a free vacation.

Andy said...