Sunday, November 14, 2010

Check out Manage Your Anger Safely

I want you to take a look at: Manage Your Anger Safely 


Andy said...

Good one, Sully! Oh man, that is clever. Fortunately I have a very good boss, but I've got some friends I'm passing this on to.

Sully said...

How long did it take you? ...and did you find them all?

Andy said...

Nope! I stopped at 8, because I had things to get did.

But, I had a friend I passed it to that said she killed the bastard all 20 ways, and enjoyed every dang minute of it.

Sully said...

the file cabinet is my fav.... let him talk as much as possible first.... no more spoilers.

Enjoy your therapy.

Andy said...

Awshit! I never even got to the filing cabinet.

Damn! That is classic. I did that to a cat once accidentally (long story), but wished I'd done it on purpose. (Another long story).

Good find, Sully, seriously. A bunch of my pals have had a blast with this one.

Anonymous said...

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