Monday, February 15, 2010

Insulting my Facebook Friends (Last Part...)

Tracy H makes hairy look sexy.

I've secretly replaced Tracy S's toothpaste with Hemorrhoidal Ointment..... lets see what happens.

Wayne G is the Disco Stu of Norwood.... Happy birthday ya bastard.

(lets see who I missed...) Arvid is more traumatized than Shane MacGowan's dentist.

Colleen R, so do those flaps under your arms have any aerodynamic properties or are they just for show?

Not for nuthin, I bet no one can guess what Chris S's latest catch phrase is...

Drum, I'll explain and I'll use small words so that you'll be sure to understand, you warthog faced buffoon. Drop your.....

Jaimee is about as useful as a door to door elephant salesman. Die you useless maggot!!!

It's a little known fact that the Eskimo's have 37 different words to describe what kind of asshole Ken is.

Eric has been known to consider red lights stoptional... they are not you knucklehead.

Jim, you sloppy crate of unwashed buzzard leavings. Go hump a meat grinder.

JP, your poop throwing ability is just shy of orangutan, but not quite at baboon level.... and duck!!!!

Karen needs to stop listening to those voices in her head... the guns are clean enough sweetie....

Dave P, may an army of ill tempered Betty White clones deposit camel droppings in your underwear.

Kelly, spending one minute with you is like being tied down and having a family of magical leprechauns shit in your eye sockets for an hour and a half.

Kath C, you fungus covered loaf of hallucinating maggot brains. May you be covered in water-buffalo dung.

You may remember Nick from such self help films like, "Lose weight through smoking," and "How to fake and illness to get charity cash."

Kate S, ... hmmmmmm.... Abe Vigoda naked!!! Abe Vigoda naked!! Abe Vigoda naked!! Take that wench.

Max, may the Keebler elves pound magical fairy dust into every orifice with croquet mallets. Tell mommy and daddy I said hi. Now have a cookie and shut up.

MiLo, You cheesy mountain of perfidious donkey poop. Go play in the yellow snow you maggot. ...and give NaNa my best.

Scott F, Please accept this IOU for one heaping bucket of shut the F%#* up!!! You unsightly tub of user-friendly burst colostomy bags.

Wayne D. is not better than Lou Reed, but he is slightly better than ass flavored gum.

I have saved my finest insult for the man who is last on my alphabetical list... Mr. Wayne Modig... This insult is so vile that it will make you weep tears of blood for weeks after reading it. It is quite simply the most hurtful thing I could possibly say to anyone. Your descendants for five generations will be scarred by this insult. Wayne, you are a

Thanks everyone for being good sports.... Now you all get to take a shot at me.... Lets see what you got kids!!!


Andy said...

Sully, Bwahahahahahahahaha!

Dude, I don't remember how I came across your blog...I'm sure it's from a fellow blog bud.

But, I copied a bunch of Facebook putdowns from the first post I ever read of yours. They have come in mighty handy, if you know what I mean.

Good stuff man...I'm sure you are VERY popular on The Facebook. Nyuk!

Sully said...

They get the chance to give it back to me in the morning.... I'll post the payback.