Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Insulting The Senators of the 111th Congress 47

Tired, but mongering anyway.... Somebody has to do it.

Senator Thad Cochran (Mississippi)

Thad, you're kinda a dick.... only smaller.


Andy said...

Bwahahahahaha! Sully, I have been remiss in commenting, even thought I have been loving the heck out of your Senatorsults!

But this one reminded me of a story. When my oldest son (now 29, and a Chinese Linguist in the USAF) was a little bitty guy, he was just fascinated with his dick. Seriously.

He enjoyed showing off his "testitocles" (as he called them) to anyone that would look. Seriously...many long, somewhat funny stories.

One day when he was still probably two years old, he wandered into the bathroom as Pam was taking a shower. When she emerged naked, there he was...all "big-eyed," and two years old.

He pointed at the spot where her legs reached her mid-section and said in a loud voice, "Mommy...your penis broke off!"

That's one of my fondest memories of the man. Glad I could share it with ya'!

And yep...Cochran is kinda' like that. Only smaller...

Sully said...

Good story Andy... thanks.