Sunday, April 4, 2010

Insulting The Senators of the 111th Congress 36

Loving the hate every day....
Senator David Vitter (Louisiana)
Chronic verbal masturbation.... Lets all hope that a cure is coming... soon.


Andy said...

Heh! Sully, now you've gotten to my Senator that I like! That is a fabulous picture of David.

Just a side note here. A few years back, I e-mailed Vitter about some issue...I think it was his strident opposition to the Law Of The Sea Treaty. I was giving him kudos.

Sully, I got a personal e-mail back from him...from his personal e-mail address...not his .gov deal. It was a long, and heart-felt treatise on all the crap he saw coming down the pipe in the next few years.

So, being the grateful constituent that I was for ACTUALLY GETTING A RESPONSE FROM A SENATOR, I wrote him back. Over the course of several days we exchanged e-mails (probably 7 or 8) about various issues. He's a helluvaguy.

About a week after that, his whoremongering news came out. I guess he was in kind of a "pensive," or "apprehensive" mood at the time...he knew the shit was to soon hit the fan. I wish I had saved the e-mails, because they were quite telling of a guy who was truly delving deeply into his own life, and his hopes for the future of our nation.

Regardless, it was the most interesting interaction I'd ever had (before, or since) with a politician.

"Chronic verbal masturbation..." Nyuk!

Sully said...

I already let one guy off the hook and I don't want the rest to think I'm getting soft.

I take great pride in finding the least flattering pictures Andy, Thanks.