Saturday, April 9, 2011

I plan on having a Kick Ass Garden this year.

I'm going to make the most of the limited space and sunlight using planters and a gutter garden. I have lots of cherry tomatos, peppers, and then summer squash, onions, bush beans, eggplant, cauliflower... and I discovered how easy it is to grow asparagus. (Just planted more...)


Andy said...

Good luck on the garden, Sully. Your side patio looks a lot like mine. Actually, it looks exactly like mine...weathered planked fence and all. Seriously...I'll take a picture and show'll be amazed.

But, we have a garden spot out in the yard (about 25 x 25 ft) that The Mrs. took the Mantis to yesterday. We will plant about 6 eggplant, about 20 pepper plants (various varieties), probably some Early Girl, Beefsteak, and Goliath turmaters...maybe some "cajun" 'maters, too.

And, there will be three rows of okra. I swear, if you can't grow anything else, you can grow okra. I mean, it's like a weed or something. Heck, back in December I looked out the window at Pam's garden, and saw something out there about two feet tall. Seriously! It was a friggin' okra stalk that had come up.

Suits me. I love okra.

Sully said...

I'm considering growing a weed, but it's not okra. ;)

Andy said...