Sunday, April 10, 2011

Awww She's so cute.

Wait a second... What did she say about Pepsi Co.?


Andy said...

Sully, I would say I'm speechless. But, that has not yet happened. So, I'll say...

Shit! We're gonna be fighting these goat humping, pedophile, boy-lover dudes, and brainwashed chicks until Jesus comes. I guess I am a RAAAAAAAAAAACIST! I really don't believe that Muslims are on par with Christians, Hindus, or salamanders. They are the lowest on the spiritual ladder.


I will probably die, and go right straight to hell because I hate muslims. But...they made me do it.

Sully said...

Andy, you're going to hell for lots of other reasons. My view on Islam is that if you took a twelve year old and asked him to interpret the old and new testament, you'd get the Koran.

The only thing I've ever read that can possibly be worse is Madamme Bovary.