Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Insulting Every Country on Earth #38

If I break the arms of Juan Valdez, your economy will be crippled. (Muaahaahaahaa..)


MJenks said...

Buenos dias!

Sully said...

Over Macho Grande?

MJenks said...

Was Macho Grande his burro?

I remember the commercials where they were selling Colombian coffee, and everywhere the person went in the house, there was Juan with his burro, and every time he'd say "Buenos Dias".

I think when I pulled back the shower curtain and found a Latin dude with his pack animal, the shit would have hit the fan.

Sully said...

It's an Airplane line. Oh God, you just reminded me of a disturbing album cover I posted a while back.

I'll see if I can re-post it.

I think my reaction to finding a Colombian man with burro in my shower would be to throw toasters at him.