Thursday, May 13, 2010

Autistic Boy Charged With Making Terrorist Threats Over Stick-Figure Sketch

With a little more training, he'll make a fine Jedi.


Andy said...

Heh! Good cartoon, Sully. I think I've whacked on something like that myself.

I have four sons. The older ones are all highly intelligent, productive, grown men now. But, our last son is 13 (will be 14 in June). He is autistic, so I can somewhat relate to what this mother is saying.

But, according to the news video, the boy has an IQ of 75. I don't know how autism is identified from place to place, but around here we'd call him "retarded." Autism is such a broad term that I guess it gets thrown around for kids with all types of mental/emotional difficulties.

My #4 son is highly intelligent (IQ in the 130 range), but still can't tie his shoes, or ride a bicycle, or learn to speak to others in social situations, or yada yada, he is "retarded" emotionally, socially, and physically in many ways.

I can understand why the school would be troubled that this boy drew the picture that he did. I mean, we've all had thoughts of wanting to kill a particular teacher, huh? But, I'm thinking the school knows something about this kid that gave them real concern.

Oh well, I'm just rambling now...I'll quit.

But, I like that pic you drew...Jeepers, I've hit that nail too many times myself!

Sully said...

I like it when you ramble...

I've just gotten a bit tired of the constant over reactions by bad art critics. I think the kid has talent.