Thursday, December 17, 2009

Insulting My Facebook Friends (part 3)

Kimmy was assaulted with a turkey baster and enjoyed every second of it. What a tramp.

Kevin was born with a tail... He keeps it in a jar in the fridge now.

Kim makes the baby Jesus cry every time she touches herself.

Kristen has the distinct odor of a wounded badger.

Laini makes wonderful road-kill banana bread.

contrary to popular belief, there is some good in Larry.... it's located behind his left kneecap.

Laura has the largest collection of nude Don Knotts pictures in the northern hemisphere. (That includes the tattoo on her right butt cheek.)

Linda was once hired as the stunt double for Grace Jones..... sadly, Grace wanted to do her own stunts in Conan The Destroyer.

Every time Lizz tells a joke, an angel has his wings ripped off and gets a vodka enema for the pain.

Lois was the inventor of the less popular...... Serious Putty.

Lori D knows exactly how to make any man purr like a wookie..... the little tramp.

Lori L. touches herself every time she thinks of Andy Rooney.

Lori R. has sold her virginity on e-bay thirty-seven times..... and counting...

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