Sunday, November 22, 2009

Insulting My Facebook Friends (Part 2)

Frank, I heard two cats humping last night and immediately thought of you..... bastard.

Gillian, You shall be insulted by the greatest insult artist ever to grace the small screen, and the universal patron saint of robot haters, Dr Zachary Smith.... You nagging ninny of a nincompoop, you bubble headed booby....... oh the pain the pain!

Greg, may ten thousand midgets tap dance on your scrotum you little twerp.

Iris, may your shoes be filled with walrus poop for eternity.

Jacquie... aka Jack-Ass.... may Amy Winehouse pelt you with toenail clippings... you tramp.

James, may you be smothered by Rosie O'Donnell's hairy assflaps.... you maggot.

Jason, you sir, are an ass-half. It would take two of you to make a complete asshole.

Jasyn, Hab SoSlI' Quch!

Jen D, one thing in your fridge has been down my pants....... BON APPETIT !!!!

Jen C, aka Cava-Floozy, may Gary Busey lay a moist fart on your oatmeal every morning, you tart.

Jasyn wanted a human insult..... so...... may your boobs bruise your kneecaps in three years time... you wench.

Jen H has a golden arches tramp stamp.... millions and millions served.

Jen T belongs in a bad sideshow.... somewhere between the amazing two eyed cyclops and Skippy the talking mime.

Jillian, may you step in dog poop and climb a ladder today.

This is just getting way too fun!!! You a-holes.

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