Tuesday, July 22, 2008

...And I endorse...

After hearing and reading so much about how wonderful Senator Barack Obama is, it got me to think. Do we as Americans actually deserve to have such a wise, kind, magnificent, smart, and forgiving leader such as Senator Obama?
Sadly, my answer is no… No we don’t !!! An emphatic no at that!!! I’m afraid it’s true, we do in fact suck that much. We just don’t deserve the hope and change that this man…, nay,.. savior can offer us.
I knew there was more to this man than met the eye by the effect he had on Chris Mathews leg. That healing tingle ran up and down his leg and then spilled out onto the airwaves… where the tingle proceeded to tingle us all in mysterious ways.
If this wonderful human being were to ever become President of the United States, we would all get to feel that tingle on a daily basis.
We need to ask ourselves if we are truly worthy of this dream come true… umm… and the tingle (can‘t forget the tingle.)
After days of soul-searching , I must confess that I am not worthy to be led by this man. I suck!!! There, I said it… I should be beaten, flogged, whipped…. by women wearing leather and…. Oh wait… where was I… Oh yes,… How can I, in good conscience, vote for a man who will absolve me of the sins that I know that I should pay for. I just don’t deserve it.
This is the sad truth… Who among us is worthy of this mans leadership?

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