Saturday, July 24, 2010

Insulting Every Country on Earth #26

From Greeks to Romans to Byzantines to Ottomans to Serbians to Russians and then siding with Germany twice, you are truly the world's doormat. I wish I could buy an umbrella for each and every one of you.
- - -
I'd like to thank MJenks of Vita Brevis for taking the "B's"


MJenks said...

I probably should have added that they were also Soviet lapdogs. Oh well.

And, clever students of Cold War history will get the double meaning of the second insult.

Sorry. Sometimes I just feel so clever that I need to pat myself on the back.

Sully said...

I've always considered it to be Europes sphincter.

MJenks said...

Surprisingly, I know a lot of Bulgarians. Very nice people. Terrible breath, but very nice people.

Sully said...

So long as the umbrellas are checked for ricin, I'm with ya.