Sunday, October 4, 2009

I've got Blisters on my Eyeballs (Flashback)

This is a tribute to a bad album cover list I got from Court a while back.... Please remove your eyes for your own safety.

Maybe I've watched Charlie & the Chocolate Factory a few too many times, ... but... no... walking away from this now...

I just need a moment to take this in..... Noooo!!! Mama says you can't sing Col. Sanders!!!!

Larz, Larz, Lazs... the mortal enemy of my eyeballs...

Kinda makes you wonder what didn't make the cut...

Oh God!!! Not funky, not funky!!!

I have no idea what this says, but I'm buying an accordian.

Is that a bunny...?? Bwaahaaahaaahaaaa

...And who can forget that great sixties psychodelic polka band.

...So 5 guys in a field are the authority on lesbians... Damm, I had it all wrong...

Nope, he just changed the locks Gertrude.


Do I have a third choice?

Islam is safe...


cbullitt said...

Hey, no fair.
Th fat guy on the last cover just switched wigs from playing with Larz.
Thank God I never saw any of that shit when I used to eat acid, I'd still be in the puzzle house.

Sully said...

I love that last one... So many things wrong about it.

I'm still not sure if the guy second from the right is a ventriloquist dummy or not.