Wednesday, July 1, 2009

I'll take Spam for a thousand Alex...

I've eaten some crazy stuff over the years, The smoked eel was nice. I've seen grown men dare to drink the spring water from a can of tuna... It tasted worse on the way back up. This, my friends is the ultimate "I dare you" of canned foods.

Alabama Possum
Well, there's no doubt that Alabama has the best possum around.

Ant Eggs
OK, its a jar, but it must be fun revenge at a picnic,

You Bastards!!!! I didn't think it was possible, but you did it. You made me not want to eat bacon for the first time in my life.

Canned Whole Chicken

The gelatin makes it easier to fry right outa the can.

Well, leave it to the Germans to "F" up a perfectly good food.

Cricket with Egg
I gotta ask.... What kind of eggs?

So were the fish alive while being canned or what?

Fish Assholes
Wow.... Now that's a winner.

Canned Crock
Spicy too....

Nice to see the Scottish step up to the plate. Geezz... as if Haggis wasn't bad enough in the first place.

Iguana Broth

Pork Brains in Milk & Gravy
It's the gravy that gives it the extra brainy taste.

Potted Possum Sauce
Wow, that is a surprise... shiver...

Rattlesnake in a can
Tempting.... I'd try it.

Reindeer Pate
Always a Christmas party favorite...

Roasted Scorpions
Roasted for that extra scorpion flavor.

Nothing says BBQ like silkworm pupae in a can....

Spotted Dick
Insert penis joke here.

Mmmmm... Tasty.

Fish Mouths
Teeth!!!!? Canned food should not be able to bite back.


MUD said...

I thought the pictures of the things living in the drain was gross but today's collection beats that. Gross, COOL Dude. MUD

cbullitt said...

Awesome assortment, Sully. Some, the teeth, bacon and chicken, I'd seen. The Manhattan-style fish assholes--not to be confused with New England-style--is probably the winner.

Sully said...

The New England Style Assholes are the sworn enemy of all things New York....

That was my winner too.

Anonymous said...

I'd seen some of them before too.... but pork brains in milk gravy really takes the cake