Saturday, May 23, 2009

I pulled his record, and it's worse than I thought

Who loves ya baby!!!

Are you f**king kidding me?

Say it ain't so Vince.

Ya know, Baywatch wasn't half bad with the volume turned off... Maybe it'll sell in Germany.

Her eyelashes play a great drum solo.

Pure frikin Evel. I'll bet someone dared him to do it...

This one was too easy to pass up.

Et tu Robert?

Oh dear God Nooo!!!!!!!!!

If my brother can be a star, so can I...

If Joey Travolta can cut an album, muppets can do anything they freakin want!!!

Yeah, It's beginning to rain allright, Great Balls of Fire!!!

Kinda makes me want to throw myself out a window... oh wait...

Hmmm... thats odd

I still maintain that the Ashcroft album is the best because it has Bacon.


cbullitt said...

I am thoroughly dismayed by the Bob Mitchum album--though the cover is perfect.
The others a predictably inane.

Sully said...

Yeah, that one kinda stunned me too.