Monday, March 16, 2009

The Turkish Film Industry Clearly Must Be Stopped...

I know my Trek, and THIS is not Trek mister!!! What the hell is this anyway?

We have Godzilla, the bridge of the Enterprise, and what appears to be alien hobos.

Turkish filmakers have been ripping off some of our most beloved Icons for years. I admit it, when they stole Batman, I thought it was funny...

They have just crossed that line in the sand.... on the planet Vulcan. Making enemies of Trek fans was a huge mistake Turkey!!! You'll pay dearly for this insult to Trekdom!!!

I'll chase you around the moons of Nebia, & thru the Antaris malestrom & round perditions flames before I give you up!!!!!

Oh, and you're the Ass-hole of the week too... Take that!!!

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