Monday, September 8, 2008

German Pigs in a Blanket

If you're completely unconcerned about your heart, you might like this.

German Pigs in a Blanket:
Prepare the sausage first…
I use sweet Italian sausage.
Coat in egg wash. (Olive oil works in a pinch)
Roll in flour.
Fry until done with a tablespoon of olive oil. Make sure it has a brown crust.
Set aside.
German Pancakes:
I make these somewhat smaller than the usual plate size for this.
Thin slice half an onion and fry on a hot flame in two tablespoons of olive oil.
Remove onion from skillet after browning.
Keep skillet hot.
Mix one cup of flour, one jumbo egg, (or two small) and milk until you have a thin batter. (Maybe two and a half to three cups of milk)
Pour enough batter into the skillet to cover the center of the pan.
Add some prepared onions to top. (Minced garlic is nice too…)
Wait for center to bubble up and flip.
Remove and wrap around sausage.

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