Wednesday, June 18, 2008

My last phone call...

When the neurosurgeons office called the second time today, she started off with,

Me: hello.

Office: "Just so that you know that we are not crazy..."

Me: "that's good."

Office: "You see, there's a reason..."

Me: "A reason you're not crazy? ... I suppose if you need a reason, it's probably a good one. Thats the big problem these days... nobody ever anounces that they not crazy anymore.

You, on the other hand have taken that bold step, and you didn't stop there... you madame have a reason. I've often considered getting t shirts made with "not crazy" printed on them to put others at ease.

Office: Ummmm... this is doctor Groffs office.

Me: Oh..... (pause)... (silence)... In that case I'm extremely grateful you are not crazy.

The rest of the conversation went a bit more normal.

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